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Tropicana’s slogan is “We’re changing everything” and they are not lying. The resort is looking phenomenal from the casino to the rooms. I stayed at Tropicana from January 14 through January 17, 2011 and in interest of full disclosure, my room was complimentary. Not all of the renovations are complete yet, but I was still extremely impressed.

I walked into Tropicana and was pleasantly surprised. It smells like vanilla, everything is sparkling clean, and it looks brand new. The downside of the main entrance is that there are some steps to go up, so if you have your bags you will need to go the long way or carry them. This didn’t bother me as I opted for the latter option and approached the front desk. The employee at the front desk went beyond normal expectations and was very helpful. Sure, you’ll find a great employee at every casino, but at Tropicana I met several. I think this kind of personality and culture is encouraged because there were numerous questions about this topic in the survey I filled out after my stay. I have stayed at many hotels in Las Vegas, including Wynn and Vdara, but none of them provided service as good as Tropicana. I hope it catches on elsewhere, because I like to feel important.

After a few minutes at the front desk, I went straight to my Deluxe room, which is the standard offering. The ambiance matched the casino perfectly. Everything was clean, new, and the room was larger than average. Every room has a 42-inch plasma TV, a safe that can fit a 17-inch laptop, and a radio with an iPod dock. The furniture was simple but it did the trick. The beds were comfortable and the pillows stayed fluffy. Normally hotel rooms usually have a desk chair on wheels, but the Deluxe room sports a more elegant chair with legs. Both closest doors had full-length mirrors, which is very nice if you are getting ready for a fancy dinner or a night out. Another unique thing about the room is the enormous plant, which made a great decoration. As far as other decorations, there were two pieces of art. The art was nicer than Harrah’s, but not quite as extravagant as the Wynn. My only issue with the living room was the windows. There are large white shutters on the inside of the room. They do open and close easily for a better view outside, but the window is covered by black circles. At first I thought it was the wrap, but when I looked outside there wasn’t one. Personally, I like windows with blackout curtains so I can look outside without any distractions.

The bathroom was also very nice. It isn’t super luxurious like Wynn, but it isn’t anywhere near the worst hotel bathroom either. I really liked how the towel holders were built in beneath the sink instead of having a rack above the shower. The toilet was separated from the sink a little bit so you didn’t feel cramped while using it and the shower water pressure was above average. The only bad part was the tropical print on the shower walls. It looked old and out of place, especially next to all of the new things. I saw some pictures of the suite shower tiles, which were far nicer, so hopefully all the showers will be updated.

Tropicana is listed as a three star resort, but based on the other three stars on the Strip, it deserves at least four. If you still have doubts about staying at Tropicana, know that I had the same doubts before my stay. Now that I have spent some time there, I would recommend it to anyone. The buzz around the internet about Tropicana is that it is the best value on the Strip. With rates as low as $49 a night it most definitely is.


Tropicana’s casino looks brand new and smells wonderful. I hate the smell of smoke and the pleasant smell of vanilla was a welcome change from other casinos on the Strip. The best part about the casino is that there is always a seat at a $10 blackjack table or a $10 roulette table. I hate waiting around a table waiting for a seat to open up, and I sat down 5 times without waiting a second. There is more good news for blackjack players as a blackjack pays 3 to 2 instead of 6 to 5. The drink service at the tables is the fastest I have ever experienced. One time I received my drink after three hands of blackjack without any new players joining.  Unfortunately, the drink service at the slot machines was worse. I wouldn’t say it was terrible, but it always seemed slow.

Hotel Details

  • Location: South Strip
  • AAA Rating: 3
  • Casino: Yes
  • Sports Book: Yes
  • Poker Room: Yes
  • Pool: Yes
  • Club: No
  • Lounge: Ambhar Lounge
  • Buffet: Poor
  • Fitness Center: Yes
  • Internet: Yes
  • Iron and Ironing Board: Yes
  • Resort Fee: $14.99

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