Honeymoon in Vegas

Sorry, there have not been many posts lately. I’ve been busy getting married! And one of the perks of getting married is the honeymoon, which is in Vegas of course.

We will be staying at The Mirage in a tower 1 bedroom suite. I played enough MyVegas to get a Thursday and Friday for 300,000 loyalty points. That took about 8 months to earn and the tower suites have since been pulled down off the offer list. Those two nights are worth $600 so I’m glad I was able to use my points on something awesome. I’ll be posting a video walk through of the room post trip.

Speaking of MyVegas, I’m hoping they will put up the Smashmouth/Sugar Ray concert like they did for Snoop Dogg. That way I can get free tickets and hang out at Mandalay Beach. Of course it just hit record temperatures last week at 117 degrees so perhaps standing outside, even at night, may not be the best idea.

Besides that I am looking forward to getting a goblet at Sugar Factory. Usually we are so full it is hard to drink so much at one time, but we will be there a little longer than normal and should be able to fit it in. On top of that we really want to try BurGR at Planet Hollywood. We have tried quite a few places and trying a celebrity chef restaurant should be fun.