Review of myVEGAS

I know you are wondering why I am writing about a Facebook game; you can earn/win absolutely Free stays at MGM Resorts hotels!

myVEGAS is a Facebook game created by Play Studios, but sponsored by MGM Resorts. Basically you play slot machines, with interesting bonuses, in order to build the Las Vegas Strip. The Strip only has MGM Resorts hotels, and everyone builds the hotels in the same order, but it is still fun. Plus you can earn/win free night stays at MGM hotels.

When you first start out in myVEGAS, things are super fun. You can only play the Excalibur game, but it is interesting. There are two user choice bonuses and a free spin bonus once you get 7 princesses. As you play you earn Loyalty points, which are the most important because they are what you cash in for free hotel stays.

Once you run out of chips, you can go to your Strip and collect chips. Hotels earn coins after a certain number of hours, the better the hotel, the more coins in general. However Play Studios either is not very familiar with the Strip or made a decision to make the order of the hotels make a little more sense because you build Bellagio before Luxor and MGM Grand is the last hotel you build. All MGM owned resorts are on the West side of the Strip except MGM and Circus Circus, so it is difficult to make everything 100% correct.

To build hotels you collect myVEGAS “V” symbols. Once you collect enough you build a piece of the hotel and once you have all the pieces built the hotel goes up and you can start collecting chips. Each game has its own charm. After playing them all for a long time, I find the most efficient one is Lucky Birds. By efficient I mean there is only one triggered event that requires user interaction, so you can let it auto spin once you hit a sufficient level. This lets you earn Loyalty points while being able to multitask.

My only real problem with the game is that the chips you win do not seem to be consistent. For example I’ll choose the knight bonus correct once and get 10 times my bet and choose it correct again and only get 2 times. Or maybe I’ll hit 5 birds in a row, and then some get replaced with wilds and I win less chips. That makes no sense.

The best part about the game is that your loyalty points earn you free stays in Vegas or other items. I have been playing since August 5th every day and I only have 45,000 points. This is enough to get me a free night at Excalibur or Luxor. What I am really going for is the 1 million point prize, which will allow you to choose a Bellagio fountain song. This particular item is a Mlife moment, which requires lots of dollars spent in the casino. Only the biggest whales can get this and they are willing to cough it up for someone for free. You could potentially buy this item buy purchasing chips for $9,950 but I am willing to stick it out. The longer you play the longer it takes to earn Loyalty points so at my current rate it will take me 38 more months. By the time that comes around the game company will probably be out of business or MGM may take the prize down. Hopefully they read this and realize how ridiculous the points get after the first few hotels.

If you like Facebook games, this game is for you because you can at least earn one free night at Luxor.