Rake Free Poker at The Venetian

On my trip to Vegas this past weekend I was able to check out The Venetian’s new poker room.  It is as big as advertised, but pretty empty.  There were maybe 10 tables running, but to be fair all of the poker rooms were pretty dead this trip.  I found some action at a 1 2 NL table, but everyone was pretty tight.  I was able to get 4 drinks  in about 2 hours of play so I would say the service was a little slow.

The best part about the poker room is its “happy hour” times Sunday through Thursday 10-11 AM and 5-6 PM.  For these two hours the play is rake free.  This basically increases your winning pot by about $5 (at the cheap tables).  Considering how  many hands you might win that isn’t a lot of money but at least it is a little extra dough going your way.  For their latest promotions check out their website.