Wynn for $129 Per Night

Deal Summary

Wynn sent me a fantastic deal by email today.  With Sunday through Thursday rates starting at $129 and weekend rates starting at $209 through December 20, 2012.  Better yet, if your trip is in November and December you get two free buffets per day.  Wynn buffet is a decent chunk of change, and well worth it I might add.  If you use your buffet for dinner on a weekday that is probably worth about $30 a person so your room rate becomes $69 a night.  The buffet is not advertised at all, but if you click on Terms and Conditions the details are in there.

Booking Information

Use this link, which will take you directly to Wynn’s website.  From there you can click on “Book Now” and the promo code WLVAU7 will be pre-filled in for you.

This deal expires on Thursday December 20th, 2012

Pre-Sale Tickets to Rock of Ages

As you most likely know.  Rock of Ages, the hit Broadway musical will be coming to The Venetian in Las Vegas in December.  They so graciously sent me an email offering me pre-sale tickets… if I sign up for Grazie.  Although I would bet the first few shows will be sold out, I will not be around.  So if anyone is really interested, sign up for Grazie here, and you will be able to order tickets for the show before they become available to the public.  There is no mention on the Grazie website of this offer, so you’ll just have to trust that they will send you a promotional code after signing up.  MGM Resorts does this all the time, so I would imagine The Venetian does the same thing.

My Next Three Trips

My Next Three Trips

For the first time in my life, I have not one, not two, but three Vegas trips planned.  Better yet they are all within the next four months, so it is safe to say that I am completely psyched.  If you followed my site before you might have noticed my glee when having two trips booked.  The last time I was there was in June, and a lot of changes have happened.  O’Shea’s had just been blown out and when I go in the end of September, construction of The Quad should be well on it’s way.

My next trip will be with the guys and we’ll be staying at the Flamingo.  At first I wasn’t super excited but my buddy and I are coming the powers of our Total Rewards cards for a super cheap rate.  $190 for four nights, with taxes over the weekend.  Now I am super excited because of the great deal, plus I have never stayed there before and the pool looks amazing.

The very next weekend I’ll be heading back to Monte Carlo with my fiance because after all my hard work and gambling I finally got an offer from them worth taking.  I think it should still be warm enough to utilize the nice pool.

I have a lot of new stuff planned for the next couple trips.  I am going to check out Lagasse’s Stadium, with their $50 minimum and all.  I really want to try the new buffet at Caesar’s Palace, Bacchanal buffet, which is supposed to be up there along with the best of them.  A lot of new restaurants opened so between visiting my normal stomping grounds I would like to try Allegro at the Wynn.  It is an Italian restaurant with a menu that is not too pricey, which is a nice change for the Wynn.  Another thing I want to do is see Rock of Ages at the Venetian, but that doesn’t open until December, but the Bourbon Room from the musical will be open so I’ll probably stop in for a drink.

My Third trip booked is for my new tradition of visiting on MLK day.  It is nice because I get the Monday off, but it is awfully close to Christmas so taking extended time off doesn’t make a lot of sense.  So why not go to Vegas?  I will be staying at the Mirage, also a first for me, which is great because their pool stays open all winter.  Last MLK day I stayed at Bellagio and had the whole pool to myself.  These next four months are going to be amazing so stay tuned for tons of updates.

Imperial Palace Becomes The Quad

I know I am a couple of days late on the announcement, but my goal is to share my opinion rather than stay on top of the latest news.  The internet exploded with ridicule for the newest name for Imperial Palace.  Caesar’s Entertainment announced that after construction is complete, Imperial Palace and O’Sheas will become The Quad Resort & Casino.

Most of the Vegas opinion websites put down the new name for it’s lack of class and there was a certain amount of fuss about the new logo too.  Although I cannot say I disagree, considering the target audience of Imperial Palace and O’Sheas I think the name makes total sense.

Imperial Palace is the hands down, cheapest hotel on the Strip.  It has no resort fee, rates are in the teens sometimes, and even light gamblers can get weekdays comped.  The cheap rates and the fact the hotel is in the middle of the Strip attracts a lot of younger people.  Being a recent college graduate myself, I can remember how badly I wanted to visit Las Vegas when I turned 21.  And visit Vegas I did, staying at the cheapest hotel possible, The Frontier.  I am really glad I stayed there, as it was blown up just a few weeks after my stay and I got a $1 chip as a souvenir to go along with my memories.  The whole point of this paragraph is to say, college kids stay at Imperial Palace and calling it The Quad fits right in.

If anything, this name will not create less business.  Considering the options Caesar’s Entertainment had it makes a lot of sense.  The ideal situation would be to demolish the whole thing, build a new resort, and try top the Cosmopolitan.  Considering the economy and the already saturated 5 star hotel market, that plan doesn’t make any sense for the foreseeable future.  So what can you change and get the most bang for your buck?  The outside of your cheapest hotel, so you can continue to attract the younger clientele and you might get a few more people to stay there who would have never considered staying at Imperial Palace.

Even if you hate the name, you can love the improvements they are adding.  The most important one is a separate vehical entrance so pedestrians no longer have to be worried about becoming roadkill and the college kids in cabs don’t need to pay an extra $5 waiting for everyone to walk by.  From the pictures, it also looks like there will be extra walking space in a place where only 3 people can walk side by side currently.  Best yet, it will be attached to the new development, called Linq, which will increase the number of restaurants and places to hang out.

$64 Rates at Mandalay Bay

$64 Rates at Mandalay Bay

Deal Summary

Mandalay Bay is offering a promotion that will give you 20% off rates and a $100 resort credit.  Rates are as low as $64 a night and this is the lowest rate I have seen at Mandalay Bay all year.  The downside is only select dates in November and December are available.  However, if you are flexible this is a great deal especially if you can travel Sunday through Thursday.

Booking Details

Book through this link directly on Mandalay Bay’s website.  Travel dates include November 18 through November 25, 2012 and December 6 through December 26, 2012.

This deal expires on Wednesday December 26th, 2012

Reward Programs and Cards

Reward Programs and Cards

Every major casino on the Las Vegas Strip offers a rewards card attached to a reward program. This card allows the casino to track what type of games you play, what you buy, and how much money you spend. This information helps the casino market to you. To get you to sign up for a card, many casinos are willing to give you free money! This money normally needs to be spent in a slot machine, but usually you can get some sort of return. Below I will list out the best cards to sign up for and what ones are not necessary.

General Rewards Card Information

1. If you gamble a lot at a casino you should sign up for its rewards card and always use it when you gamble.

2. Rewards add up slowly, and know that it is never worth it to gamble just for rewards. Only gamble what you can lose, and any rewards you earn should be an added bonus.


Best Rewards Cards Sign Up Perks

Total Rewards – All Caesars Entertainment casinos offer $5 in free play when you sign up for their Total Rewards. You can earn points on this card at Bally’s, Caesars Palace, Flamingo, Harrah’s, Paris, Planet Hollywood, Rio, and The Quad.

Identity – The newest casino on the Strip, Cosmopolitan offers $100 in slot reimbursement when you lose $100 in one day if you are a new member signing up for their club, Identity.  They used to not advertise this but now I see it on the top of cabs.  They usually have multiple promotions going on so make sure to ask for this one.

Las Vegas Hilton – $10 Free Slot Play

Mlife – Make sure you sign up at Aria or Bellagio, because those are the only two MGM casinos that offer $10 in free play. You need to put $2 of your own money to get your free money though, unlike other casinos which only require $1. You can earn points on this card at Aria, Bellagio, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Mirage, Monte Carlo, and New York-New York.

Treasure Island – $10 Free Slot Play plus you get to spin the wheel.  The lowest prize on the wheel is $5.

Tropicana – Unfortunatley Tropicana’s, Even the Odds promotion ended.  I’m assuming this happened when new management took over.  My guess is they still have some sort of free play to attract players however.

Wynn/Encore – $10 Free Slot Play

Venetian/Palazzo – $8 off Madame Tussauds, Free Ticket Upgrade for the Blue Man Group


Rewards Cards to Skip (Unless you Gamble There)

  • Palms – If you gamble there a lot this card is worth it, but for the majority of people just stopping by it is not worth your time.
  • Hooters – They claim $200 in free slot play, but the machines only pay out three of the hardest lines to get. The odds of winning are the same as hitting a progressive jackpot for only a few thousand dollars, so skip Hooters unless you gamble a lot there.
  • Casino Royale – You can get their free play and buy one get one free drinks without signing up by playing the display machines outside someone is always pushing.
Free and Cheap Water

Free and Cheap Water

Sometimes people get thirsty, and they don’t want an alcoholic beverage. Weird, I know right? Either way it is a good idea to get some water to prevent dehydration. Here are the locations of free and cheap drinking water in Las Vegas.

Free Water

Treasure Island Drinking Fountain

There is a drinking fountain next to the bathrooms close to Kahunaville in Treasure Island. You can get to them by following the signs to the tram that goes to the Mirage.

Mirage Drinking Fountain

There is a drinking fountain next to the sports book bathrooms in the Mirage. Just walk into the sports book and head left.

Free Bottle of Dasani at the Grand Canyon Experience

Get a “free souvenir coupon” at the Grand Canyon Experience store. This coupon is in the shape of a postcard and can be found around the people trying to sell tours or tickets. The coupon is enough for the $0.69 bottle of Dasani and you may use one per person. This store is close to the M&M store immediately north of MGM Grand.


Cheap Drinking Water

$0.69 Dasani at the Grand Canyon Experience

If you didn’t opt to get the “free souvenir coupon” and get the water for free you can pay $0.69 for a bottle of Dasani at the Grand Canyon Experience store. This store is close to the M&M store immediately north of MGM Grand. http://lasvegasforcheap.com/vegas/wp-admin/post-new.php

$1 Bottles of Water on the Walking Overpasses

At most street overpasses people sell water out of coolers. They usually only charge a dollar, so if they ask for more just walk to another overpass. In the summer, it is not uncommon to find 2 per walkway, but in the winter they are harder to find.  Just make sure the bottles have seals attached to the cap.  I’ve heard of people grabbing used bottles and filling them up but I have never seen it myself

Save Money on Flights

There are many ways to receive a cheaper rate when booking your flight.  I will list them out here in order of effectiveness, but remember a little effort searching can help you save a lot of money.

Basic Booking Advice

  • If you plan on checking bags some airlines can add $25-$50 a bag.  Make sure you account for that when purchasing tickets as the lowest fare isn’t always the lowest cost.  Southwest has 2 free checked bags and JetBlue has 1 free checked bag.  For the other airlines checked baggage fees see our Airline Fees page.
  • Try to figure out your travel dates as soon as possible.  Booking early doesn’t always save you the most money, but you can watch the airfare and decide to buy when it’s low enough.  In general I have found that flights are cheapest between 1.5 and 3 months of your trip, but sometimes you can find great last minute deals.  If you sign up for an account on Kayak.com they will send you routine fair updates so you can monitor airfares by checking your email!
  • If you will want extra water or food on the plane make sure you pack an empty bottle as you cannot carry liquid through security.  You can fill it up at a water fountain in the terminal.  You are also allowed to bring on any food you wish so make sure you bring a proper size carry-on if you want to pack some food.
  • Always book your flight online.  If you call in, the airline usually will charge you extra money to book your reservation because they have to pay their employees to take your reservation.  Booking online is faster and easier than calling in as you don’t need to wait on the phone for a representative to become available.

1. Southwest Vacation Packages

If you checked out the Hotel Tips page already, then you know that Southwest Vacation Packages can save you money on your hotel and flight.  The best part is you only need to book on one website.


Pro Tip

  1. If you are looking to stay in Vegas for the weekend but have flexible flight times it is often cheaper to leave Monday rather than Sunday.  You get an extra night in the hotel for less money!  The main reason for this is because flights on Monday are usually cheaper than Sunday flights so you can extend your stay and save money.


Southwest Vacation packages are not fully refundable if you cancel.  Southwest Vacation Packages have made great strides in the past and if you read the fine print carefully you will find that the hotel portion of the package will be refunded per policy of the hotel. Most Vegas hotels allow 100% refunds as long as you cancel at least 48 hours in advance but it is good to check at the hotel’s website to make sure. The flight portion will be given to you as a credit to use on future Southwest flights. I have never cancelled one before so I am not sure how it works, but please keep that in mind when booking.


2. Booking Buddy

Booking Buddy is a great way to compare flight prices.  They allow searches for multiple airlines, flexible travel dates, and nearby airports.  The only issue is that they do not search all airlines such as Southwest and JetBlue.


3. Bing.com/travel

Bing provides a service similar to Kayak, but it doesn’t work quite as well.  The one thing I do like to do is check Bing’s farecast.  This service lets you know if the flight price is likely to go up or down.  From my experience Bing’s farecast has been pretty accurate, so if it says the flight prices are going to go up, it’s probably a good time to buy.

4. Priceline Name Your Own Price® Services

Although I never used Priceline’s Name Your Own Price®services for flights, I have used it successfully for hotels.  I wouldn’t suggest using this feature for hotels in Vegas because you might get stuck in a hotel off the Strip.  However, if your flight times are flexible you might be able to save some money by naming your own price.  All you need to do is enter your personal information, your credit card, and the price you want to pay.  If an airline accepts, your tickets will automatically be booked for the flight times they choose.  If not you may not be able to try the same itinerary for 24 hours.

Book using this link Priceline Flights – Select your Exact Flight & time or name your own price!


If your bid is accepted your reservation will be booked immediately.  This allows for no flexibility of times or airline so make sure you can leave any time of day and from any airline at the airport you chose.

Free and Cheap ATM’s

Free and Cheap ATM’s

Seeing as how almost everything in Vegas costs money, you probably will be withdrawing  from an ATM during your visit.  I hate wasting my money on unnecessary fees, so use the following tips to save money while visiting ATMs.

Free ATMs

Bank of America Customers

These Bank of America ATMs have been changed to a non-bank specific ATM so Bank of America customers will need to visit the M&M store ATM below. There are two, absolutely free, Bank of America ATMs in Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops.  Both ATMs are located in the long hallway between the atrium part of the forum shops closer to the Mirage and the fork in the forum shops where Trevi is.  One is hidden by Casa Fuentes Cigars and Bar after you go down the escalator from the atrium area.  The atrium area is the large room with two curved escalators and the Sony Style store.  The second ATM is a little easier to find and is right by the restrooms in the middle of the forum shop main hallway.


There is also a free ATM on the 4th floor of M&M’s World to the right after you get of the escalator.


Chase Customers

There is a free ATM to the left of the north side cashier in CVS by Monte Carlo. CVS is directly north of Monte Carlo before the walk up to the front of Aria. It is also across the street from Walgreens.


Cheap ATMs

Casino Royale ATM

The ATM in Casino Royale is only $1, so if you’re not a Bank of America or Chase customer then that is your best bet to save money. It is right next to the cage to the left of the bar.


ATMs You Should Not Visit


Clubs and strip clubs charge a lot of money to use their ATMs.  They know that you will need money, so their fees can be up to 10% of what you withdraw.  Make sure you have enough money in your pocket before you go out.

Where to Find Cheap Alcohol

Where to Find Cheap Alcohol

Vegas isn’t called Sin City for nothing.  Alcohol can be found everywhere and can definitely be a part of your fun night.  Just remember not to drive and be safe people!

Ways to get free and cheap drinks

1. Gamble

Gambling at any casino on the strip will give you right to an open bar.  A drink waitress will come around and take your order while you are gambling and will bring the drink right to you, so please remember to tip.  Feel free to ask for any drink you like as they likely will be able to provide it for you.  If you ask for an obscure drink be ready to tell them how to make it and the waitress will do the best to accommodate you.  Gambling isn’t necessarily free, you might say, so here are the cheapest ways to get the free drinks.

Penny Slots

Find your nearest penny slot and bet 1 credit per 1 line.  This means you are betting 1 cent per spin.  The waitresses won’t be looking at how much money you are betting so you can order free drinks while gambling almost nothing.

Poker Room

If you play poker the best place to get free drinks is in the poker room.  The waitresses come by constantly and you can probably get at least 6 drinks per hour.

2. Bring Alcohol With You

If you have room in your checked bag you can bring up to 5 liters of alcohol if it contains less than 70% alcohol content (140 proof).  If you plan on doing this please make sure it is packed in bubble wrap and taped tightly because bags are not treated very nicely during loading and unloading.  If you bring your own alcohol that will save you a lot of money buying drinks in bars.  Every hotel room provides cups so you can pregame with your cheap alcohol before you hit up the town.

3. Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday sells frozen daiquiris at a reasonable price.  There are many locations on the Strip but I believe the cheapest one is in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.  You can get a lot of ounces for under $15 and extra shots are only $1.  Seeing as one drink in a club is $16, getting 5-8 shots for $16 seems pretty good.  On top of that if you keep the container you can bring it back for a refill at discounted price.

4. Diablo’s

Diablo’s at Monte Carlo has had coupons for $3 margaritas for the last three years. I am pretty sure the coupon has not changed design either. Just walk by between noon and 6 PM and you will usually see someone passing them out. They are good at the “to go” bar, which is the little window to the right of the entrance.

5. Casinos


Days: Everyday

Where: Tequila Bar

Deal: $1 margaritas and tacos as well as $2 beers and shots.


Days: Everyday

Where: Any Bar

Deal: $0.99 New Castle

Casino Royale

Days: Everyday

Where: Any Bar

Deal: $1 Michelob Ultra and Margaritas


Days: Everyday

Where: Any Bar

Deal: $1.50 Bud Light and Budweiser


Unfortunately O’Sheas has been blown up. The good news is “Lucky” the leprechaun still has a job at Bill’s! Supposedly O’Sheas will be added back to The Quad when they finish with that, so I will expect them to have cheap drinks.

6. Downtown

If you don’t mind visiting downtown Las Vegas you can find cheap alcohol everywhere.  Bars on the street will sell 32-ounce rum and cokes for $12 and tall beers for $5.  Downtown is not as glamorous as the strip, but almost everything there costs less money.

So you won’t be thirsty in Vegas, check our Dining page to see where to buy food.

7. Happy Hours

BB King’s Blues Club in the Mirage

Days: Everyday

Time: 12-6 PM

Deal: Half Price Drinks and Appetizers

Blondie’s in Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile Shops

Days: Everyday

Time: 3-6 PM

Deal: $20.00 All You Can Drink Well & Domestic Draft

Brand Lounge in Monte Carlo

Days: Everyday

Time: 5-7 PM

Deal: $4 drinks and 1/2 price appetizers

Cabo Wabo Cantina in Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile Shops

Days: Monday – Thursday

Time: 3-6 PM

Deal: 2-for-1 drinks and 1/2 price appetizers ($1 beers Monday 9:00 PM to close)

Coyote Ugly in New York-New York

Days: Everyday

Time: 6-9 PM

Deal: 2-for-1 Drinks, $2 Drafts, and Free Shots for Ladies

Diablo’s Cantina in Monte Carlo

Days: Everyday

Time: 12-7

Deal: $3 Dos XX Amber, Lager or Draft, Plus $3 or $5 specials every 30 minutes

Eyecandy in Mandalay Bay

Days: Everyday

Time: 7-9 PM

Deal: 2-for-1 Martinis

Flamingo’s Pool

Days: Monday – Thursday

Time: 4:30-Close

Deal: 2-for-1 Fosters

Hit in Monte Carlo

Days: Everyday

Time: 5:00 to 7:00 PM

Deal: 1/2 price specialty cocktails

Le Central in Paris

Days: Everyday

Time: 12-7 PM

Deal: 2-for-1 Martinis

Munch Bar in Caesars Palace by the sports book and Pure

Days: Everyday

Time: 4:00 PM – 7 PM and 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Deal: Half off beer and appetizers

PBR Rock Bar in Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile Shops

Days: Everyday

Time: 10:30 PM – 12:00 AM

Deal: Ladies drink free (On Monday’s ladies ride the bull free 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM)

PF Chang’s in Planet Hollywood

Days: Monday

Time: 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Deal: $3 Beer and $4-$6 Cocktails

The Pub in Monte Carlo

Days: Everyday

Time: 4-7 PM and 9-11 PM

Deal: 2-for-1 Draft Beer and Well drinks

Special: Ladies Drink Free well drinks and MGD 64 6-7 PM and 10-11 PM

Simon Restaurant in Palms Place

Days: Monday – Friday

Time: 4-7 PM

Deal: $6 Drinks, Appetizers, and Sushi Rolls

Sugar Factory in Paris

Days: Everyday

Time: 5-7 PM

Deal: 2-for-1 Drinks

Trevi in Caesars Palace Forum Shops

Days: Sunday through Friday

Time: 2-6 PM

Deal: 1/2 price on cocktails, beer & wine by the glass

West Wing Bar in MGM Grand

Days: Everyday

Time: 5-8 PM

Deal: 2-for-1 Drink Specials