My Stay in a Mirage 1 Bedroom Tower Suite

Over the 4th of July I had the pleasure of staying in a one bedroom tower suite at the Mirage. It was on the 26th floor, also known as floor A and it had a view of Treasure Island and the Wynn. When I stayed at the Mirage for the first time I was not super impressed with the room quality but this trip more than made up for it.

When you first walk in your are treated to a huge living room with floor to ceiling windows. There is a nice bar area with a mini bar full of your standard Vegas items like beer and snacks. Plus there is an empty fridge that you can use yourself.

The living room has a huge TV with a large sectional sofa that can fit six. There is also a dining table for four and plenty of space to lounge out. The one weird thing about the living room is that the curtains are not automated like most of the nice Vegas hotel rooms. The Mirage is a little older so that is probably why but everything else great.

The bedroom has a TV that pops out of a case in front of the bed when you hit the power button. The night stand has an iPod dock and there is a cushy chair next to the bed.

The bedroom opens up into a huge bathroom. There is an awesome shower with great water pressure immediately inside and a tub right after that. There are double sinks so two people can get ready at the same time. Best yet, the towels are much bigger than your standard room towels. If you are used to staying in basic rooms you’ll know what I mean. Inside the bathroom there is a full hallway… no joke a hallway in side the hotel room. It leads to the closet and the bathroom, which has it’s own door.

All in all the one bedroom tower suite is a great choice if you want to stay in a really nice room. It is relatively cheap compared to other suites at around only $200 for a weeknight. And if people don’t mind sleeping on the couch and the floor you can fit a ton of people.