Memorial Day Trip!

Finally, I’m heading back to Vegas again for Memorial Day after 4 months of my normal life and I am super stoked. This trip is actually for my bachelor party, so it is going to be a great time. We got rooms in the Octavius Tower at Caesars Palace so look for my video walk through soon after the trip.

My very first trip to Vegas was on Memorial Day weekend 6 years ago but I have not been back during this time for 5 years. I was on Trip Advisor and a lot of people were complaining about the huge crowds, but let’s be honest Vegas isn’t nearly as fun without enough people. If you don’t want crowds come during the week. I remember my last two Memorial Day trips fondly and although the buffet lines are long it is still a great time.

One thing I really am excited to try is the Billionaire Burger at Holsteins in Cosmopolitan. It is a burger with foie gras on top of it! Now, I do feel bad for the animals who are overfed to make delicious foie gras, but if you think about what we do to the other animals we eat it is not that much different (Thanksgiving Turkey anyone?).

Because it is a guys trip, I’m planning on hitting up some buffets of course. Wicked Spoon at Cosmopolitan will be on tap, plus I’m planning on going to Wynn for lunch. I’ve gone for lunch plenty of times but I’m excited to see what they offer for dinner. If it is more amazing than lunch, it might take the crown for best buffet.

Besides that I am just looking forward to enjoying another crazy trip with my buddies!