Mac King Comedy Magic


First things first. Mac King Comedy Magic is the best magic show in Las Vegas and it is the best value show on the Strip. At $30 a ticket you get to see over an hour of great magic and I guarantee you’ll laugh a lot.

Now, let’s go over my background. I have always liked magic and before the "Greatest Secrets Revealed Show," magic used to be on TV. Besides various specials, there was a show called "The World’s Greatest Magic," which was sort of like the Grammy’s for magic. Mac King performed every year and I remember him doing great card tricks. Seeing how I already like magic, I may not be the best judge at how great the show is. To confirm my opinion, my girlfriend loved the show and she has no interest in magic whatsoever.

The show itself was great almost the entire time. His first bit is the one blemish as his introduction and first jokes are out of style. After the awkward beginning he warms up to the audience and it gradually gets more modern and inappropriate. Don’t worry parents, the show is rated PG and is great for all ages. For the people who think he is too old fashioned, don’t worry either because he will get you laughing through innuendo. No matter what you like there is something funny to find here.

Magic is all about presentation, and Mac King has some of the best presentation skills I have ever seen. His series of rope tricks are the best in the business and his rendition of finding your card is extremely unique. Some tricks require audience participation, but it is very unobtrusive so you don’t need to be afraid of being called up on stage. I don’t want to ruin his other amazing tricks, but lucky for you it is the only 1:00 PM show in Vegas and it is super cheap. There is no excuse not to go.

Location: Harrah’s

Days Showing: Tuesday – Saturday

Time: 1:00 & 3:00

Cost: $29

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