Show Advice

Almost everyone wants to experience a Las Vegas show. Some of the finest productions are performed in Vegas everyday and the money you spend on the shows will be well worth it. The shows are expensive, so follow the below tips to get the same tickets for less.

Buy Tickets from Tix 4 Tonight: Half Price Show Tickets

If you don’t mind the risk of not getting tickets, this option is usually the cheapest. You can go to 1 of the 11 locations the day you want to attend a show and buy tickets up to 50% off. Almost every show is included, including Cirque du Soleil. Most Las Vegas shows don’t sell out, so as long as you go early enough you should be able to get tickets. If you want to be sure your show is included head to a Tix 4 Tonight location a few days before you want to attend a show.

Best Las Vegas Strip Locations

  • Fashion Show Mall
  • Casino Royale
  • Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall
  • Marketplace Across the Street from City Center
  • Showcase Mall by the M&M Store and Coke Bottle


  • Tickets can sell out or may not be available so make sure you have a backup plan. Also check our Shows page to make sure your show is being performed the day you want to go.
  • The tickets you receive from Tix 4 Tonight are just vouchers so you need to pick up your real show tickets before the show at the applicable casino’s box office.

Look at the Coupon Books

Right when you get to Las Vegas, grab a taxi to your hotel and take a copy of the Vegas coupon book they have in the backs of the seats. Most of the coupons are not worth it, but there are a few that are really good. I have seen buy one get one free Penn & Teller tickets in the past. If you do not need a taxi, you can also find these books at the Fashion Show Mall by Treasure Island.

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