Booking Advice

Here are some great hotel searching tips for beginners.  Make sure you take all of these into account before you book your hotel. If you are already very familiar with Vegas and booking hotels online skip right to the best sites for booking hotels.

  • You will find the cheapest rates for hotels Sunday through Wednesday nights.  Vegas is usually more exciting on the weekends which is why hotels raise their rates; they know more people will be around.  If you don’t feel the need to go to clubs or if you prefer smaller crowds then you can enjoy the cheaper rates during the week.
  • Vegas is the cheapest and least crowded during the winter.  Make sure you are prepared for the weather though, because contrary to popular belief, Vegas does get cool in the winter (35-60 degrees in December and January).
  • The more sites you search for deals, the better chance you have of finding something really good.  This site is designed to provide the best deals and is a great place to start, but it’s always worth it to spend a little time researching to save money.
  • If you are just booking a hotel room, booking extremely far in advance probably will not get you the best rate.  In general, the cheapest time to book a hotel room is between 1 and 2 months before your trip.  Vegas just added a lot of hotel rooms with City Center, Planet Hollywood Towers, and Encore so you probably don’t need to worry about your hotel selling out.  If you book too far in advance, hotels post normal rates because they know you are planning early.  MGM started a new marketing campaign that gives a percentage discount based on how early you book, but I normally can find better deals.
  • Beware of resort fees.  Resort fees are extra charges the hotel will charge you at checkout and can range from $10 to $30 a night.  Resort fees are never included in the original booking price and almost all hotels charge them.  Please see the Resort Fees page for more information.
  • Avoid booking straight from the hotel’s website.  If you go straight to the hotel’s main website you usually will be paying the maximum rate.  Oftentimes hotels have separate deal websites that automatically apply cheaper rates.  See the Deals page for more information.
  • Avoid traveling to Vegas during holidays as the most people visit during these times.  Hotels know they can charge a premium because people will come regardless.

Click here for advanced hotel tips – the best places to book hotel deals and how to find them.