There are a zillion things to do in Las Vegas and a zillion ways to do them.  I would never claim to know all of the best things to do and the “best” things usually are a matter of opinion.  I do have lots of first-hand experience and random advice to go along with it.  Because of the wide variety advice, I will attempt to organize it in a way that makes the most sense. Right now it breaks down to advice for before your trip and advice for while you are in Vegas

Before Your Trip

Booking Your Hotel Finding Cheap Flights
Where to Book Your Hotel Packing Alcohol in Your Luggage
Hotel Resort Fees


While You are in Vegas

Cheap Alcoholic Drinks Best Ways to Use Concierge
Free and Cheap ATM’s How to Handle a Service Issue and Get a Comp(possibly)
Casino Reward Programs How to Win the Most Most Money Gambling
Locations of Free Water