Jersey Boys


Finally… there is something to like about New Jersey.  With all of the TV revolving around the ridiculous behavior of New Jersey residents, I am happy to report that Jersey Boys at Paris is awesome.  If you love musicals and production shows this is a must see, but on the same token if you hate those types of shows you may want to skip it.  The music is great and more mainstream than your average musical, so if you like the Four Seasons at all this show is for you.

I didn’t know a lot about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons before attending the show because of my youth.  Luckily for me this show was a time machine that rapidly took me through their journey.  The first interesting part of the show happened right away; the narrator was one of the main characters.  The narrator switches to each member of the Four Seasons based on who was the focus of the story. The narration starts with Tommy DeVito, the leader of the band, and ends with Frankie Valli himself when all of the original members had left.

Another great thing to note is that the scene changes are extremely fluid.  I was constantly impressed at how fast paced the story moved.  Scenes were changing every few minutes and you barely noticed because of the design of the show.  As the story went on, I heard a lot of songs I recognized.  I didn’t know “Walk Like a Man” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry” were sung by the Four Seasons, but now I will never forget.

I don’t want to spoil the story for you, but there are a couple other neat things done by the show.  When the band started singing they brought on old fashioned cameras for the set and were showing the live feed on the screen above the stage.  I have seen this done in the Blue Man Group, but in this instance it fit perfectly with the atmosphere.  Normally it is against the rules to turn your back to the audience, but the whole cast did during one scene.  The audience got to personally experience what it was like to be in the back of the stage.  The sound effects were dulled and the bright lights were shining in everyone’s eyes.  The lights were a little unpleasant, but I thought the overall effect was really cool.

I have heard complaining about Broadway shows in Vegas not having top notch talent.  Let me assure you that all of the singers in this production were fantastic.  The backups were better than the original Four Seasons and the guy playing Frankie Valli matched his tone quite well.

The theater itself is also great.  I was sitting in the back row because I purchased tickets from the Tix 4 Tonight booth and the show was sold out.  I didn’t have a single problem seeing except when people walked down the aisles, which wasn’t a lot.  They do sell concessions at the show, but they are very expensive.  In case you get thirsty there is a drinking fountain as soon as you climb the stairs to the right entrance of the theater.

I don’t have a lot of negative feedback for the show, but you know what your tastes are better than anyone.  If you like musicals or the Four Seasons, see this show.  Even if you are on the fence see the show, but buy tickets from Tix 4 Tonight to save some money.

Location: Paris

Days Showing: Everyday except Monday

Time: Varies

Cost: $73 to $260

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