Imperial Palace Becomes The Quad

I know I am a couple of days late on the announcement, but my goal is to share my opinion rather than stay on top of the latest news.  The internet exploded with ridicule for the newest name for Imperial Palace.  Caesar’s Entertainment announced that after construction is complete, Imperial Palace and O’Sheas will become The Quad Resort & Casino.

Most of the Vegas opinion websites put down the new name for it’s lack of class and there was a certain amount of fuss about the new logo too.  Although I cannot say I disagree, considering the target audience of Imperial Palace and O’Sheas I think the name makes total sense.

Imperial Palace is the hands down, cheapest hotel on the Strip.  It has no resort fee, rates are in the teens sometimes, and even light gamblers can get weekdays comped.  The cheap rates and the fact the hotel is in the middle of the Strip attracts a lot of younger people.  Being a recent college graduate myself, I can remember how badly I wanted to visit Las Vegas when I turned 21.  And visit Vegas I did, staying at the cheapest hotel possible, The Frontier.  I am really glad I stayed there, as it was blown up just a few weeks after my stay and I got a $1 chip as a souvenir to go along with my memories.  The whole point of this paragraph is to say, college kids stay at Imperial Palace and calling it The Quad fits right in.

If anything, this name will not create less business.  Considering the options Caesar’s Entertainment had it makes a lot of sense.  The ideal situation would be to demolish the whole thing, build a new resort, and try top the Cosmopolitan.  Considering the economy and the already saturated 5 star hotel market, that plan doesn’t make any sense for the foreseeable future.  So what can you change and get the most bang for your buck?  The outside of your cheapest hotel, so you can continue to attract the younger clientele and you might get a few more people to stay there who would have never considered staying at Imperial Palace.

Even if you hate the name, you can love the improvements they are adding.  The most important one is a separate vehical entrance so pedestrians no longer have to be worried about becoming roadkill and the college kids in cabs don’t need to pay an extra $5 waiting for everyone to walk by.  From the pictures, it also looks like there will be extra walking space in a place where only 3 people can walk side by side currently.  Best yet, it will be attached to the new development, called Linq, which will increase the number of restaurants and places to hang out.