How to Get a Comp with a Service Problem

Today I would like to discuss an important subject, how to handle problems with your travel booking, hotel stay, or other service issues. You might even benefit from a room upgrade, comped meal, or other free things by bringing something to a companies attention. This advice doesn’t only apply to  Las Vegas, and works well with any service industry.

The best way to handle a problem is to keep your cool and remember that the person you are dealing with most likely did not cause your problem in the first place. They are just trying to do their job the best they can and treating them with respect will take you further than you think.  You might even get a comp or something for free if you are nice enough.

When you have a problem with your hotel room, the best course of action is to visit them at the front desk.  They will know you are serious because your are down there instead of calling from your phone and because you are there in person it will be more difficult for them to send you away.  I’ve heard of great stories where there was something wrong with their room (broken safe, broken TV, plumbing issues) and when the person respectfully notified the front desk they were upgraded to a better room.  This is not a fool proof approach, especially on the weekends when there is much less vacancy, but it is always worth a shot.  At the very least you deserve a fully functional room.

I also ran into a situation where a restaurant had overcharged me.  I called them up and explained the situation calmly.  I was nice and they were understanding.  At the end of the call they gave me their email and said to let me know when I’ll be back so they can give me a comped meal.  I didn’t even ask, I just wanted the money that was owed me, but instead I got both.

Another way to handle service issues is through social media and one of the best parts about Vegas is how fast the establishments have adopted it. Follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook and they will address many things you send to them. I recently booked a vacation package at Vdara that came with two free show tickets. I booked on the last day of the deal and the phone number they provided to order tickets was busy all day. Other people were having this issue and were flipping out on Facebook. I wrote a quick message explaining my problem and asked how I should handle the situation. MGM provided an alternate phone number for me to call. There was still a 10 minute hold time, but at least I got my tickets. The morale of the story is, send a polite message to the company on Facebook and Twitter requesting assistance and they will likely get back to you.

Of course if the company doesn’t get back to you, venting your frustration on Twitter may work well for you. I’ve seen angry customers claiming they will never go to The Bank at Bellagio again. Bellagio tweeted back, “What happened, is there anything we can do?” They realize that one person’s opinion can be shared with numerous other people and know you will say something nice about them if they comp you something.

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