Free Gambling Money at Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay has an ongoing promotion where they will give you $10 for free if you give as long as you gamble with it and risk $20 of your own hard earned cash!  Plus they give you”win cards” to teach you best strategy. Win cards are essentially sliders that help you figure out what to bet for certain table games and what your odds are for each one. The cards aren’t all that great, but if you would like help when to hit or double down in blackjack you may find them useful. The best part is, every six months you can sign up for new win cards at the Mlife desk and if you pay the cashier $20 they will give you $30 in special chips.

You can take these chips to roulette, blackjack, or craps. The best thing to do is probably put the whole $30 on red and be done with it. Unfortunately if you win they pay you $30 in real chips and make you keep the $30 in fake chips, which you cannot cash in. That is what I ended up doing, hit red the first time, and lost my chips on black the next spin, so I walked away $10 up. Another great part is that to promote good tipping they give you a piece of paper that lets $1 ride along with your bet so if you win the dealer wins.

The process does take some time, but the Mlife desk at Mandalay Bay is rarely busy so you can usually do it in 10 minutes with minimal waiting in line.  First have your ID and Mlife card ready and ask for the “win cards” promotion.  They will fill out a piece of paper and give it to you.  You take that paper to the cashier with your ID and Mlife card again.  There they will give you your special chips for $20, which you can take immediately to the tables.