Free and Cheap ATM’s

Seeing as how almost everything in Vegas costs money, you probably will be withdrawing  from an ATM during your visit.  I hate wasting my money on unnecessary fees, so use the following tips to save money while visiting ATMs.

Free ATMs

Bank of America Customers

These Bank of America ATMs have been changed to a non-bank specific ATM so Bank of America customers will need to visit the M&M store ATM below. There are two, absolutely free, Bank of America ATMs in Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops.  Both ATMs are located in the long hallway between the atrium part of the forum shops closer to the Mirage and the fork in the forum shops where Trevi is.  One is hidden by Casa Fuentes Cigars and Bar after you go down the escalator from the atrium area.  The atrium area is the large room with two curved escalators and the Sony Style store.  The second ATM is a little easier to find and is right by the restrooms in the middle of the forum shop main hallway.


There is also a free ATM on the 4th floor of M&M’s World to the right after you get of the escalator.


Chase Customers

There is a free ATM to the left of the north side cashier in CVS by Monte Carlo. CVS is directly north of Monte Carlo before the walk up to the front of Aria. It is also across the street from Walgreens.


Cheap ATMs

Casino Royale ATM

The ATM in Casino Royale is only $1, so if you’re not a Bank of America or Chase customer then that is your best bet to save money. It is right next to the cage to the left of the bar.


ATMs You Should Not Visit


Clubs and strip clubs charge a lot of money to use their ATMs.  They know that you will need money, so their fees can be up to 10% of what you withdraw.  Make sure you have enough money in your pocket before you go out.