Drink(s) of My Trip

Choosing drinks in Vegas is always a fun activity for me.  Before I go, I like to look up interesting cocktails to order and I try to try at least something new every trip.  This trip, it was whipped cream vodka.  For all the naysayers who think it is too sweet… it isn’t.  The best part about it, is that it goes good with almost anything.  Orange soda, orange juice, root beer, and Mountain Dew are all amazing mixers.  I’m not entirely sure if the casino bars have it, but given the amount of brands in my local liquor store, I would think they might.  In this case, my buddy brought a bottle and when we ran out we walked to the liquor store behind bills.

Unfortunately I was also fighting a slight sore throat.  By no means did it ruin my trip, but I didn’t think all the alcohol was helping.  Naturally getting some drinks with OJ at least wouldn’t make anything worse right?  In the Venetian poker room I ordered 4 or 5 screwdrivers, which were pretty weak.  Wynn buffet was offering unlimited champagne for $12, so I figured why not, and filled up on mimosas.  Because of the unnecessary filler, I usually do not order alcohol at a buffet, but when you have time and are hanging out with your friends it usually works well.

That brings up the third drink of the trip, which is my default when I forget something crazy to order, or when I do not want hard liquor.  Heineken is almost always the first thing out of my mouth when I’m gambling.  Usually I’m distracted or at a point where I do not want to drink anything stronger, so it is a perfect beer to just keep things steady.   Plus it doesn’t fill you up as much like some other beers, which allows me to eat more later on.