Cosmopolitan just opened on December 15, 2010. Many bloggers and journalists were on site to cover the opening and from what I heard, the rooms are very nice, but the check in process still has some kinks to work out. In a few months, I’m sure the service will be fine, but be aware that there may be problems if you stay there soon. Cosmopolitan towers above the Bellagio fountains and I’m sure it offers a great view. The best part is there are two entrances right on the Strip, so there is minimal time wasted getting to the street.


Cosmopolitan’s casino is a wonder to see. I walked in and my jaw dropped. There is a curved video screen that serves as a separator for the Bond lounge. The video playing was just bright lights, but it fit in perfectly with the sparkling atmosphere. I was there during the weekend and a couple weekdays in January and the place was still crowded. It is obvious that everyone wants to be at Cosmopolitan. The crowd is predominantly younger, but you’ll see some rich older folks too. Based on the two DJs on the casino floor, even on Monday, I would assume that Cosmopolitan wants to keep this younger image. The DJs also made the casino quite loud, so if you do not like noise this casino is not for you.

When you walk in, you can’t help but notice the three story bar in the middle of everything, Chandelier. It looks amazing and I really enjoyed the multistory casino experience considering almost every casino is limited to one floor. I will admit that the casino floor looks extremely busy, but I think that it suits Cosmopolitan well. I never felt cramped, even though there were a million things to look at. At this time, you can also win a Tesla Roadster, so if you are interested in being green in style check out the slots at Cosmopolitan.

Cosmopolitan is smart and is taking advantage of being the hottest casino in Las Vegas by keeping their table limits high. Even on weekdays the lowest table limit is $15, so don’t come thinking you’ll find a cheap table. The bathrooms were also a little disgusting, but I am assuming this was because it was so crowded. Either way, if their popularity continues they’ll need to find a better way of cleaning the restrooms.

Hotel Details

  • Location: Center Strip
  • AAA Rating: 4.5
  • Casino: Yes
  • Sports Book: Yes
  • Poker Room: No
  • Pool: Yes
  • Club: Marquee
  • Lounge: The Chandelier, Bond, D.O.C.G
  • Shows: None
  • Buffet: No
  • Fitness Center: Yes
  • Internet: Yes
  • Iron and Ironing Board: Yes
  • Resort Fee: No

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