Coco Replaces Holly Madison in Peepshow

In case you have not been paying attention to Peepshow news.  Holly Madison, the star, is 4 months pregnant.  She was originally planning on stepping down in December, but the show executives made the decision to ask her to stop performing in October.  I personally think Holly is what made the show.  Her face is all over the Las Vegas Strip and at least people knew who she was.  Before she came along, the show wasn’t doing that great, so all the credit goes to her for making it famous.

Today, they just announced Coco will be her replacement.  I have never heard of her, but apparently she is Ice-T’s wife and was a Playboy model.  I saw some recent pictures of her and I’m would not say she is quite the same caliber as Holly Madison.  That aside, I’m not sure if she is a good choice anyway considering the other people they were considering.  Supposedly they wanted Carmen Electra to replace her, which would have been a great choice considering more people know who she is.  If I were to guess, this will be the beginning of the end for Peepshow.  Despite Planet Hollywood’s popularity, the things there tend to have bad luck.  For example, Prive, the club before Gallery closed because of illegal activities.  Koi lounge is always passing out free passes even to guys, so they must not be doing that great either.  Considering the number of quality shows in Vegas, hopefully Peepshow keeps running strong… or is at least replaced with a good one.