Best Ways to Use Concierge

Almost every hotel has a concierge desk and most people will never know the best way to use it. The truth is, even I may never know concierge’s full potential. It all depends on the employee working of course, but there are a lot of uses of concierge that everyone can take advantage of.

My last trip I had tickets to see Love at the Mirage. I was staying at Vdara and called down to ask about Elvis tickets for some friends because they did not have a show for that night. I found out that concierge at Vdara, and I am assuming Aria, will give you 30% off normal rates to Viva Elvis.  When Elvis is replace by Zarkana I’m sure they will have deals for that too.

Even better, I found out they can print your show tickets at the concierge desk. Of course this only applies to shows at MGM owned resorts, but stopping downstairs to get my show tickets printed is far better than going to the nearest box office. I knew any Cirque Du Soleil box office would print any Cirque show’s tickets, but this is far better. Any Cirque ticket line involves a wait of at least 15 minutes. My longest wait was at New York – New York for about 45 minutes, which is torture considering there are a million other things I would rather be doing.

On top of the lesser wait, and the convenience of not having to visit another resort, concierge is open earlier than the box office. In general the later it gets the longer you will wait in line in Vegas. Going to concierge at 9 AM will almost for sure be a lesser wait than going at 5 PM. They only hitch of printing my show tickets was that my seats weren’t assigned. The employee made a quick call to ticket reservations, assigned the seats, and printed the tickets.

Another great use of concierge is getting on the guest list to clubs. This depends a lot on the ability of the employee, but at the very least they may be able to provide your number to a club promoter. Guest list doesn’t always guarantee free admission, or even admission, especially for guys, but it can help. If you are staying at Wynn or Encore stop by the concierge desk for free passes to their nightclub.

Then you have normal uses for the concierge desk. You can book show tickets, make restaurant reservations, or setup time at the spa. You probably won’t save any money doing this, but they can probably save you time and give you opinions of their first-hand experience.