Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace Review

One of my favorite Vegas activities is eating at buffets.  I wouldn’t say I can eat a ton of food, but I love having the option to get what I want, oftentimes at around the same price as one plate at a mid range restaurant.  My September trip I had the pleasure of trying Caesars brand new Bacchanal buffet twice for lunch.

When eating a buffet I always start with the Asian station.  Bacchanal takes the cake with theirs and they have the best sushi and potstickers I have had at any buffet.  The rest of the food in this category was fairly average, but it is really hard for every dish to be amazing.

The lasagna was delicious

Next, I moved to the pasta station.  There were 4 or 5 dishes, which I think is 1 or 2 more than most places.  The lasagna pictured above was so good I forgot to take a picture of it before eating half.  They took a nod from Cosmopolitan’s Wicked Spoon here by giving individual dishes.  The thing they did not figure out was how to keep the food hot, but the dish safe to pick up.  This one in particular was super hot and I almost burned myself putting it on my plate.  I would suggest adding a wooden handle for these items.

Sweet Potato Tater Tots

Next for an amazing side dish, the sweet potato tater tots.  At first I thought there were too many in the container, but as soon as I ate one I realized why they have so many.  They simply taste amazing.  On a special side dish though I have to give Cosmopolitan the win here with their make your own mac and cheese.

Creme brulee… and chocolate creme brulee???

Last is dessert.  This is where Bacchanal shines above most of its competition.  Only Wynn’s buffet has better dessert and Bacchanal is far superior than Wicked Spoon’s most important course of the meal.  I am a sucker for creme brulee and they blew my mind with the chocolate variety.  They also have your typical cake pops that seem to be so popular now days as well as a gelato station and a make your own crepe station.  They supposedly had chocolate mousse, but it was in a pop form, so if any improvement could be made I would suggest making a mousse dish instead of just a cake pop.

To be fair, I have only been to Wicked Spoon at dinner time and only ate lunch at Bacchanal.  Before eating here I would say Wynn and Cosmopolitan share the top spot for my favorite buffets, With Bellagio and Rio in a close second, and the fact that a lunch buffet is in the running says something.  Because I only ate lunch I will still hold out for the dinner buffet but if you are looking for an all around great buffet in all courses this is the one for you.  It might not have the super shock and awe factor of you must try this item like Wicked Spoon but the number of quality dishes is ridiculous.  Bacchanal is also very large and has more options than any other buffet except the Rio and the atmosphere is a little chaotic with tables seeming to be in any order.  I enjoyed the atmosphere though  and the music is up beat and cool, which I’m sure keeps people moving fast.  If they sit you in the front, make sure you check out the back, it is almost like there are hidden rooms.  If you have been to Caesars Buffet in the past, this isn’t even a real comparison.  The buffet is at least 2 to 3 times bigger and the quality is beyond better.  As an added bonus if you show your total rewards card at dinner you get a few dollars less, which is normally $40.