$35 Per Night at Monte Carlo

Deal Summary

Monte Carlo has a deal with some of the cheapest rates I have seen all year for the months November through February.  The idea is that you can choose your own rates, refundable or not.  For the most part, when you book a Vegas hotel you can cancel with a full refund as long as it is more than 48 hours in advance.  MGM Resorts as a whole must get hundreds of cancels a day and this is an interesting way to lock in their numbers.  This deal is for you if you know you are going to Vegas and have no chance of cancelling.  If you do cancel you will not get your money back.
Booking Details

Use this link, which will take you directly to Monte Carlo’s website.  From there you can choose your days or click the calendar to see the rates for the whole month. Almost all of December is super cheap, so if you are going to Vegas this winter check this out.

This deal expires on Thursday October 11th, 2012